TRICO Force ™, the science of visibility

With more than 90 years of experience in the market, TRICO ® is considered as the world leader in windshield wiper technology. Its wide range of products is made up of innovative products - manufactured with high quality materials and with the latest technologies available in the sector - as well as totally reliable windshields that guarantee a perfect glass cleaning at the moments that drivers need it most.

As the pioneer company in the global windshield wiper manufacturing sector, TRICO ® has always maintained its commitment to offer superior windshield wiper systems, designed and developed by an R & D department with all the rigor and quality of original equipment. The company takes care of each step of the development and development of its products with the aim of providing superior visibility solutions composed of wiper blades, complete wiper systems, motors, arms and links that guarantee maximum cleaning and more safety for all in the highway.

OCC Sport distributors of TRICO Force ®

From its innovative technology center, located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, the inventive engineers of TRICO ® are responsible for perfecting the science of visibility. For this, they have innovative development and testing equipment and always following the highest quality standards, the company ensures the position of the industry's first industry, worldwide.

TRICO ® has won the trust of drivers around the world for the safety provided by each of its products, adaptable to vehicles of virtually any make and model.

Concerned about always offering top quality products in the motor world, at OCC Sport we have become TRICO Force ® distributors, providing our customers with the most advanced windshield wiper technology.

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