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Helping you to live in a world that understands you is one of the main objectives of Nonda, the California company (Palo Alto) founded in 2014 that revolutionized the market for intelligent devices for automobiles. With only two years of life, Nonda has already won major awards such as "The fastest growing start-up", "The best among the 10 intelligent hardware" or the famous design awards iF and Red Dot. Thanks to ZUS, the smart charger for Nonda cars, it is possible to solve an important part of the daily problems of the drivers that carry mobile devices. In addition to providing a fast charge, the Nonda accessory is also intelligent hardware since it saves the vehicle's location automatically.

Combined with an application specially developed for the brand, this device is able to indicate the correct location of the vehicle to guide the driver to it, without any problem. A very useful solution to find the car in the large parking lot of an airport, shopping center or in the big metropolis, for example. Nonda works with German technology for titanium coating, as well as an innovative and current design and maximum resistance to temperatures of up to 100º. Likewise, ZUS has the perfect complements developed by the company: cables reinforced with Dupont Kevlar fabric with a lifetime guarantee.

OCC Sport we are distributors of Nonda

In OCC Sport we are distributors of Nonda and we provide you with the possibility of enjoying the "military grade quality" in your car, with a modern design and fully integrated to your daily needs.

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