FOLIATEC Brake paint to give your custom style

FOLIATEC Brake paint to give your custom style

Step 1: clean the tire

Clean with a pressure hose, and rinse with water, let dry.

Step 2: remove dirt, rust, etc.

Remove the wheel and clean the caliper with the supplied wire brush.

Note: The wire brush supplied by FOLIATEC is sturdy and designed for the occasion, but we recommend, do not use any other tool than the FOLIATEC accessory.

Step 3: clean with brake cleaner

Apply the brake cleaner according to the instructions (attached) and allow it to air for approximately 5 minutes.

Step 4: Paint the brake caliper

You should not put paint on the guide pin rails, the bleed screw or the brake pads pad. In addition the holes for the spring clip should remain free of paint and also the brake disc, a small tape for the edges is very useful.

Step 5: Apply the first layer.

Information: It is possible to prepare in advance the four calibrators for the painting work. The paint can be easily processed for only 2 hours. If all four brake calipers are ready, it is easy to work quickly and there is no danger of the paint being cured before it is completed.

Mix the paint according to the instructions. It is better to mix the paint and the hardener together. Leave the paint at rest for about 10 minutes and then apply a first thin coat with the supplied brush.

Step 6: Apply second layer.

Do not worry, that although the total amount of paint you see insufficient, it is more than enough. White is certainly one of the less suitable colors, because the opacity is less than in other colors. That's why we eliminated each calibrator for the third time.

We would like to mention that especially the front brake system of the Phaeton, has a really big brake caliper, however the amount of paint is more than enough.

The result is impressive.

In our opinion, the action has been worthwhile. The result is really impressive.

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