At CKC Auto Sport we know that each element is important in the performance of your car. That is why we have the best sports shock absorbers for both the front and rear suspension. A good shock absorber for your car, whether it is racing or not, is vital for the proper functioning of the entire suspension, and it is necessary to change it from time to time, especially in rally cars. At CKC Auto Sport we sell individual shocks, in packs, with and without springs, and we offer the highest quality brands on the market today. Our shock absorbers have a great durability, and are highly resistant to the impact of the springs.

Sports shock absorbers for rally and competition cars

Raise the safety of your car and its suspension with our shock absorbers, with recesses of up to 4 cm for rally or competition cars, or 3 cm for tourism vehicles that want to achieve good suspension damping. Search your car model to find yours or call us without obligation.


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