While the driver is limited to just driving the racing car, the rally co-driver is the professional who takes care of everything else. Among many other functions, the co-driver must know the layout of the circuit through the Roadmap and go singing to the pilot where he has to go. In addition, since 2010, the role of the co-pilot has become even more important, as hidden spots are more difficult to find. In addition, currently the rally co-drivers are in charge of controlling the time of the timed sections of the race and in the sections with pre-set times.

Accessories for rally co-drivers

At CKC Autosport we offer you a wide range of accessories for rally co-driver , from fast time clocks with high precision, to lights for maps, notebooks and notepads, heat sleeves or backpacks, among many other accessories. We offer you the best brands on the market, such as Sparco and OMP, at the best price.

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