CKC Auto Sport silentblocks of high quality and economical prices, are aimed at sports cars and the sudden movements that can damage the vehicle parts when they rub against each other. These are basic in the protection of any type of metal part or plate of the car, and prevent these from colliding with each other or mounting, which would wear them down. We have high-strength rubber silentblocks for the engine, suspension wishbones, stabilizer bar, steering, exhaust, etc.

High-quality sports silent blocks

Our rubber silentblocks for sports cars are of different hardness, adapting their function to the part of the car that needs to be protected. They have great flexibility, resist the load of shocks and tears and withstand high temperatures and corrosive products, so they are ideal for rallying. Get now the silentblocks spare parts for your vehicle at the best price at CKC Auto Sport.

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