Electronic accelerators are devices that cancel the connection of the pedal and that of the mechanical system in cars with gasoline engines and replace it with an electric one by means of an electronic control unit that is located in the vehicle and is normally responsible for the injection of the fuel motor. It improves the control of the air supply to the engine, achieving better accelerations, thus allowing a much faster action than that of the common mechanical system, something very important for competition cars.

Electronic acceleration pedals

CKC Autosport offers accelerator pedals that have more than 20 settings and 4 programs and in addition, the new memory feature allows you to save the last action marked. The use of the remote control is very intuitive, with an ergonomic design, easy to install and it comes with an app in which you can configure the City, Sport or Sport-Plus modes depending on the type of driving, among other options. These devices improve engine response speed, driving style, and reduce jerks.

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