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Don't miss our selection of approved safety harnesses for all types of cars . At CKC Auto Sport we have the ideal harness, so you can add protection and stability to the interior of your vehicle, without giving up all the style of sports accessories from the best brands such as OMP, Sparco or Sabelt, among others.

We have approved harnesses, at affordable prices and with the guarantee of a specialized online tuning store.
At CKC Auto Sport we know that safety is as important as the appearance of your car. For this reason, we help you choose the most suitable approved harness for your vehicle, with 3, 4, 6 points ... Do not miss the opportunity to buy cheap and approved safety harnesses for your car. We ensure fast and safe shipping!

Why buy car harnesses?

Car harnesses are restraint systems used in place of conventional seat belts in racing vehicles and some high-performance vehicles.

Unlike conventional seat belts, which only secure the waist and chest of the vehicle occupant, car harnesses wrap around the waist, chest and shoulders, providing a more secure and firm hold in the car seat. vehicle. Harnesses are typically made of strong, durable materials, such as nylon, and can be designed with different attachment points and configurations.

Car harnesses are designed to provide greater safety in high-speed situations and aggressive maneuvers. Vehicle occupants can adjust the tension of the harnesses to keep them comfortable and secure in their seat while the vehicle is moving.