The reinforcement bars are essential for the balance of the chassis, especially in racing cars, since it provides a better grip of the wheels to the ground and reduces the inclination. This results in more safety, vehicle stability, reduced impacts and faster cornering. With the correct distribution of the weight throughout the car, it is possible to reduce the inclination of the body avoiding the rocking, giving a greater control of the car and regulating the force that impacts on the suspension.

Roll bars or reinforcement bars for cars

At CKC Autosport we propose roll bars for different parts of the vehicle skeleton with high quality and shock absorption. If you have lowered your rally car, you must install an stabilizer bar to strengthen the chassis and increase its stability, taking into account the traction of your vehicle. The solution for front-wheel drive vehicles will be a stiffer rear bar than the stock as it will correct understeer, while rear-wheel drive cars will need a front stabilizer bar to reduce oversteer.

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