The crankcase in a car is a metallic piece that covers the lower part of the engine and is also where the oil that lubricates the engine is housed. Due to its location on the underside of the body, it is highly exposed to impacts and that is why a vehicle skid plate should be used, both for passenger cars and for competition. If the crankcase is damaged the lubricant can be lost and cause more serious damage to the engine, for this reason, maximum insulation must be ensured so that it does not suffer cracks.

Crankcase cover for cars

The CKC Autosport casing covers are made of an aluminium alloy and, therefore, provide hold and are superior to standard plastic protection. In addition to this, it is light, long-lasting and resistant to corrosion and strengthens the mechanical gear, the sump, the transmission etc. The crankcase protector from OMP, a leading company in sports cars and in improving their performance, is designed to strengthen the front of the car, making it perfect for driving on rough terrain.

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