CKC Autosport works with the best brands that offer filters of all kinds, and one of the most important for our racing cars is the air filters for the carburetor . The carburetor is a key piece in the heart of the car, which is the engine, and therefore, we must protect it from residues that can become embedded and damage it. In this section you have universal and personalized filters in different designs: conical, oval and round to fit any function of the equipment, and adapt to the diameter of the air inlet.

Carburetion Filters

CKC filters are made with extra strong flexible rubber grips to absorb vibrations and protect the engine. In addition, they are composed of layers of greased cotton that provide 50% more airflow, which in turn leads to greater engine power and increased horsepower, essential for racing vehicles . They are reusable, so with proper maintenance and cleaning, you can keep them for life. Take a look at this category where you will find all our carburettor air filters:

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