Find the electronic accessories for your car with the best quality and affordable prices at CKC Auto Sport. In this section you will find switches to connect with any function of the vehicle, both switches for the car and for the battery, the latter available for 2 or 6-pole batteries. We have different models, such as push buttons, keys or on / off buttons. Our electronic devices adapt to all types of vehicles. We offer switches for the total disconnection of the equipment or for the on / off of any part of the car, and some models even have a remote control.

Electronic switches and accessories for racing

At CKC Auto Sport we specialize in car customization and we offer you the latest trends in the motor world, so take a look at our catalog of switches that will make it easier for you to access vehicle functions and give a unique touch to the car. inside of your car. Buy the best electronic components for your vehicle in our online store and if you have any questions, contact us and our specialists will help you make the best choice.

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