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The karting suit offers total safety against abrasions and tears that can occur in the event of a fall of the vehicle. This garment covers the entire body, in such a way that it guarantees comprehensive protection. We have approved karting suits depending on the activity carried out behind the wheel, you can buy two types of karting suits with different levels of homologation: The CIK-FIA Level 1 standard, or Level 1 for use of the kart in leisure activities, and the CIK-FIA Level 2, or Level 2 standard, compatible with national and international competitions. Remember that in our catalogue we have the famous Sparco karting suits, among other brands. We have karting suits for adults and children.

As a general rule, all karting suits must include a visible embroidery on the outside showing their current approval. Before buying, keep in mind that this type of garment has an estimated use time of about 5 years from its date of manufacture. Likewise, quality is not at odds with price and in our online store you can find your affordable karting suits, always at the best price of the market.