At CKC Autosport we have all kinds of accessories for competition cars, such as the roll cages in this section, designed for greater safety on the road, which isolate passengers in the cabin and protect against bumps in the body due to strong impacts or overturning. As safety comes first, we work with brands such as OMP, valued as one of the best in the world at the design of rally accessories and which has already been approved by drivers such as Schumacher and brands such as Lamborghini.

Roll bars for cars

Our roll bars are made of high shock-resistant steel and prevent the car from compressing, reducing the possibility of injury to occupants in the event of serious accidents during the race. They are also mandatory in rally competitions. We also have male and female connections to reinforce the arches of the bars. Remember that you must approve them, you can consult this information with us without obligation.

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