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Car Mudguards from Top Brands

Car mudguards are essential elements if you're a fan of the automotive and racing world. Mudguards are protective shields placed on the rear of the vehicle to protect it from various splashes.

In addition to being called mudguards, they are also known as splash guards or car mud flaps because they shield our car from mud, gravel, or any other small objects found on the road. They are straightforward to install, so adding mudguards to your vehicle won't be a complicated task.

Get your car mudguard from top brands at our online store. They serve a super useful function by repelling splashes and small objects, preventing the car from getting dirty and avoiding potential damage.

Get Your Car Mud Flaps or splash guards

Get your new car mud flaps at the best price for excellent protection against rocks, liquids, mud, or sand. At CKC AutoSport, you'll find a variety of mudguards specifically offering Sparco mud flaps, one of the well-known brands in the racing world.

Mud flaps are popular accessories in the racing world, and you can choose from various colors to match your vehicle, such as red, blue, white, or black Sparco mud flaps. These accessories will protect the wheel arches of your car from dirt, thanks to their polyurethane composition. As mentioned before, they are easy to install, and most car mud flaps come with simple mounting instructions that you can even handle yourself.