Dog Harness for Approved Car | Clothes hanger and Ashtrays for the car | Mobile Holder and Steering Wheel Lock Bar

CKC Auto Sport offers you the best accessories so that any mobility or trip you make in your car is as comfortable as possible, such as ashtrays for your car, fully approved harnesses for your dog and a  clothes hanger for the car.

All these accessories will help long stays inside the vehicle, but will also provide security, such as harnesses, the dog's best friend inside the vehicle. You will also find other products such as emergency lights or mobile phone holders for your car. We also have locking bars for the steering wheel. This will be the best accessory that you can use when parking your vehicle, you will make sure that no one can steal it thanks to the impossibility of movement of the steering wheel. The corresponding approvals of the necessary products will be supplemented.

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