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Active filters

CKC Auto Sport universal air filters are highly effective in blocking impurities that can enter the engine's intake or carburetor, and damage its internal parts. We must change the air filter every 6 months or this time can even be reduced when we drive in areas with highly polluted air. Our universal filters for the carburetor or intake, reduce consumption and extend the life of the engine. They are reusable and highly durable, ideal for sports cars. We have universal cotton air filters in different shapes, such as conical or panel.

Universal and sports air filters for cars

Our brands are specialists in sports and tuning cars, and offer air filters that improve the power of the vehicle, letting the engine breathe while preventing the entry of dirt, dust, insects ... Ask us which would be the best for your vehicle. We have reusable and high-end filters, such as Green Filters, that last a lifetime, and you only need to clean them every so often.