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Present the motorsports sector for more than half a century, Simpson Race Products is a prestigious company in the USA and around the world. Recognized as the first company to manufacture Nomex fire suits for racing, Simpson has forged its success thanks to its constant research dedicated to developing and offering products capable of guaranteeing safety during motor racing. Not in vain, the company has created more than 200 innovative products for the safety of motoring, which has made Simpson one of the leading brands in the world.

All Simpson products are designed, developed and manufactured within the USA. For many years, the company has been known to be the leading provider of safety equipment for the most challenging sports in the world. Teams like IndyCars, Drag Racing or Nascar are just some of those who have relied on Simpson's security solutions.

OCC Sport, official distributors of Simpson in Spain

In OCC Sport we work so that the professionals of the motor world in Spain can access racing products of the best brands nationally and internationally. Proof of this is the incorporation into our catalog of the hybrid hans and helmets manufactured by Simpson.

Developed with tough and lightweight materials, such as composite carbon - both helmets and Simpson hybrid hans can ensure a perfect fit and maximum safety. In addition to quality, the company also offers products of innovative design, so that drivers can enjoy style and speed, without sacrificing safety.

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