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Petronas Durance's car care, cleaning and care products are backed by a solid foundation of more than four decades of technology, experience, innovation and research. Result of the union of two of the most important companies: Petronas and FL Selenia, the Petronas lubricants division offers drivers a wide range of products composed of:

- Car care products: upholstery cleaner, body polish detergent, fast waxes, effective scratch removal products, rim and glass cleaners and special for matt or glossy dashboards, polishing detergent and an innovative product to restore the appearance of tires, skin cleaner, color restorer, etc.

- Engine additives: FAP treatments, petrol and diesel fuel injector cleaner, diesel fuel system cleaner, octane booster and cetane, diesel antifreeze, engine detergent, etc.

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In CkcAutosport, online sales of Petronas Durance, addictive and cleaning products and maintenance for cars and motorcycles and we put at your disposal the highest technology for the care of your vehicle. In our catalog you can consult the description and detailed information of each of the products.

Petronas Durance products guarantee a professional result in the care, cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle. Not in vain, major brands in the motorcycling or motoring sector - such as the Mercedes Formula 1 Team - have not hesitated to place their trust in the brand's products.

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