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When we talk about road safety, visibility is one of the most important factors. For this reason, Motgum has developed wiper blades of the highest quality, with the best performance on the market, both for cars and trucks, buses and special-purpose machinery (construction, agriculture, rail). Motgum brushes are used by manufacturers in the automotive sector but are also available in the aftermarket for the vehicle.

The wide range of Motgum products includes brushes of different sizes (280 - 1000 millimeters), as well as a complete system of adapters that facilitates assembly on virtually any windshield wiper arm model.

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The quality accessories for the car are essential for safety and also to give a personalized touch to the vehicle. The wind, heat or cold and all weather adversity interfere with the duration and quality of the elements dedicated to providing visibility in the vehicle.

To always guarantee the best products, Motgum is in charge of all production stages, without the interference of suppliers, covering processes as diverse as tool design or packaging for finished products. Thanks to the internal distribution of the products, customers can benefit from the products of the Polish manufacturer of first equipment (OE) at very affordable prices, anywhere in the world.

The Motgum brushes are available for the main brands of the market such as Chevrolet, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Dacia, Audi, Volvo, Skoda, among others. In CkcAutosport, we make available to the customers, the wide range of products of the brand.

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