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The determination of three brothers was the starting point for the founding of OMP, a company that has excelled in the market and has reaffirmed itself as a leader in the field of production and design of accessories for sectors related to the motorsport world

In 1973, in Genoa, Roberto, Claudio and Piergiorgio Percivale began the production of accessories for their own race cars, with the purpose of obtaining advantages over their competitors.

The quality and design of the accessories ended up conquering not only their opponents, who knew how to appreciate the superiority of their creation, but also captured the attention of companies, professionals and fans of the motorsport industry. After 40 years of its foundation, the Italian company is placed among the world leaders in the design and manufacture of accessories for kart, racing, off-road and tuning, thanks to the success of its products. Its wide range of products - exactly more than 5000 references in catalog and stock - includes seats and bases, pedals, knobs, steering wheels and cone for steering wheels, child safety seats, helmets, reinforcing bars and rims, among others.

Likewise, his well-known fireproof monkeys were used by great drivers in the history of the automobile competition such as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Bruno Senna, David Couthard or Gerard Berger, among many others.

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In CkcAutosport sales of OMP Speed products. The Italian brand distinguishes itself in the racing market by the meticulous attention to detail and its differentiated quality. All OMP products are designed, developed and tested to ensure the highest level of safety, in addition to its recognized design and quality. Not in vain, prestigious brands such as Kia, Pirelli, Volkswagen or Lamborghini have not hesitated to place their trust in this Italian company.

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