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With only five employees and a lot of good ideas, Remus started in 1990. Currently, the company is considered a world market leader in the development and manufacture of sport exhaust pipes, with a reach of more than 60 countries in all the world.

In just over 25 years, the Austrian firm has managed to be considered one of the world's number 1 companies in the design and manufacture of sports exhaust systems. Its formula of success lies in the development of exhaust pipes that provide a perfect combination for the engine, perfect fit and, of course, a captivating sound.

One of the features of Remus is the use of the latest advances and cutting-edge machinery to ensure maximum quality in the manufacture of each of its products. Among them, we can highlight the use of modern laser cutting procedures or innovative processing techniques that ensure products with exceptional shapes and perfect accessories.

In fact, the R & D department of Remus plays a fundamental role within the company. Its specialists work to achieve high quality exhaust systems, with a methodical combination of properties not only acoustic, but also thermal and mechanical. Likewise, the Remus exhaust pipes are made of high quality materials such as carbon, titanium or stainless steel, which is one of the parameters followed by the Austrian firm for guaranteeing the highest levels of control in the entire production of its products.

OCC Sport official importer of Remus for Spain

As in OCC Sport we love to provide you with the best accessories so that you can enjoy all the driving pleasure, we are official importers of the Remus brand for all of Spain. The Remus exhaust pipes are the ideal complement to provide power and perfect sound for your car.

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